Can you help with my music?

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Hi guys! Hope all is well? Apologies for not being in the website so often you can contact me on my music website http://www.davidjharveymusic.com anytime. Also I would be very pleased if you could take a moment to like and comment on my music video circles on http://youtu.be/rjXApx1Ukg8

Keep strong guys !


Site change

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Hi guys the url may change on here to a default WordPress one but don’t fear the site is still here. Apologies I do not update often. You can catch me or or contact me on my music website http://davidjharveymusic.com

Feel free to browse and contact me thee for a quicker response!

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My Health Anxiety

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Hello and welcome to my health anxiety.This is a website run by myself, a health anxiety sufferer. I am not a doctor or qualified in any medical field, but I do have a vast experience of symptoms, their causes and medications so feel free to browse the site and I hope it can be of use